Residential H.O.A's

Capitol Security Services has been able to service all types of different Residential environments such as Private Homes, 
RV Resorts,Luxury High rise and even Private Residents to world known Famous stars and Exclusive Luxury homes worth over 5 million dollars.

These Entertainers or world known clients call one hour  before their Private planes touch down at the airport to be escorted, and  Capitol Security Services Response with out hesitation.

These escorts services are exclusively done by our Armed Division . Our Armed division officers are licensed and  state Certified.  Officers are recruited by our recruitment team and interview by our clients before their are deploy to their community in most cases. 

Capitol Security Services also provides Home Owners Associations with Roving Patrol Vehicles .This service consist with a fully loaded security vehicle with Makings and light bar to give your property maximum security exposure .

The officers also makes sure that your pools and club houses are secure and will sticker  vehicles violating the rules and regulations of the Association.